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Ebike Rampe für PKW-Fahrradträger

  • Eingestellt 18.04.2014
  • Stand Beschreibung/Zeichnung
  • Schutzart Patent angemeldet
  • Gesucht Lizenznehmer, Beteiligungskapital, Patentkäufer
  • Länder Deutschland


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The innovation is a two-side usable engaging type ramp, which is build within the bike/bicycle-carrying system for cars to load/unload heavy bicycles. We describe several types of containers for different (hookable & engaging type) ramps.
The general goal is to sell the idea, hopefully patented in some weeks, or to launch physically the item in the market and to earn money.
The profits will be spent after the audited annual balance sheet to (1) charitable purpose(s) (25%), (2) the sponsors (25%), (3) and last but not least the inventor (50%).


We want to sell the idea or launch an innovation with a clear user benefit to the market and to gain money for the sponsors, the inventor, and for charity (christian church) aspects. Ramps for bike carrying systems can be used by elder people and most of women (based on their limited physical strength) and are especially suitable for the usage with heavy bikes (weight above 15 kg, i.e. especially Ebikes/Pedelecs etc.).


The two side usable engaging type ramps are used for the loading and unloading of tow bar based bike carrying systems. Up until now the ramps are not stored within the bike carrying systems.
1. Multiple benefits to current systems: easier + cleaner + faster to handle
2. Presumably patentable and certificable through technical control boards
3. loading and unloading through two-sided usability
4. retrofittable for existing. integratable in new bike-carrying systems
5. Easy o communicate & usable as a unique selling proposition + competitive value

Markt & Umfeld

It's a huge, worldwide and fast growing market, better said, a general international long-term trend for heavy bicycles (Ebikes/pedelecs/Mountain bikes). The general target group is very big (more than a billion people worldwide) The core target group are transporters of heavy bikes by bike-carrying systems (more than 30.000.000 car drivers) and new carrying system buyers (more than ca.2.000.000 car drivers p.a.). And the concept it is a charity oriented win-win-win - game. The prospected total turn-over, in case of success, is multi-million-€-business.


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