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Renewable Energy Switching Converter

  • Eingestellt 16.02.2009
  • Stand Kleinserie, Marktreif
  • Schutzart Patent erteilt
  • Gesucht Produzent, Lizenznehmer, Vertrieb, Beteiligungskapital, Patentkäufer, Promotion
  • Länder Deutschland


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A new twin mega power medium frequency switching converter for renewable energy works with hybrid drives, compact EMI safe semiconductor power electronic stages to convert solar or wind renewable energy for direct supply into the 50 or 60 Hz main net. Twin AC/AC, AC/DC frequency shift converter high power, high frequency, high voltage, ultra short mega peak current, electrostatic nano or micro cluster perforation, ignition, sparking, arc, cigarette, tipping, filter, fine, packaging, paper, plug-wrap, sack, bag, Kraft, food, plastic film, foil, textile, fabrics or other product, switching converter, compressor, emergency, train, ship or vessel power supply, generator, fuel cell, upward, downward, frequency shift switching unit, stabilizer, soft starter, vector, phase, inverter, servo system, motion, stepping, machine, asynchronous, standard, motor, torque, automation, remote, gas, slab, laser, diode, stack, fiber, fibre optics, beam, material, hybrid, plug-in, battery, renewable, energy


hi-tech operate engineering company IPM develops and patent grant DE10328937 a dual high power, high voltage, high frequency switching unit which works with hybrid drives, compact EMI safe semiconductor power electronic stage, supporting capacitors and high voltage ferrite transformer to generate ultra short HV pulses and sparking groups. Advantages are based on uses of standard circuits with extended semiconductors for e.g. micro perforation applications, corona treatments, ac-ac, ac-dc converter, drive units, etc.


Industry application of electrostatic perforation or AC-AC, AC-DC converting, drives etc. IGBT, MOSFET, HVFET semiconductor power stages. The circuits are working as upward converters with extremely short time power pulses in ranges from 200 ns up to 15 µs, high current peaks up to 300 Amps by du/dt of 1500V/µs on a serial connected inductivity and loading condenser that the secondary ferrite transformer coils supply the sparking electrodes up to 50 KVss as a permanent open loop and short circuit.

A safety circuit logic and two hybrid drivers allows a alternately switching of semiconductor A/B which generating higher operation frequencies and power levels meanwhile the electrical and thermal conditions remains on each in the same range as a single switching unit.

Markt & Umfeld

Corona treatment units, surface treatment, high power switching devices, power supplies, AC/DC power drives, AC/DC or AC/AC converters, laser diode power supplies, compact switching converter systems, etc.
The new dual semiconductor allows applications to build hybrid drives, semiconductor high level stage, upward, downward or other converters or generators which operating with supporting capacitors, high voltage ferrite transformers in an extremely compact and modular way. Several advantages are the high efficiency of pulse power transmission and energy ratios.
Traditional corona or other medium frequency generators up to 30 KHz operation range are easy to modify to double frequency and power levels.
Patent grant for process and device DE10328937 of IGBT power switching unit.


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