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Nano Micro Mass Product Ventilation Perforation

  • Eingestellt 20.02.2009
  • Stand Marktreif
  • Schutzart Patent erteilt
  • Gesucht Produzent, Vertrieb
  • Länder Deutschland


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Web material as regenerated cellulose films, filter, cigarette, tipping, roll-your-own RYO make-your own MYO, wall, decoration, transparent, coated, laminate, bag or packaging paper, bonded fabrics, spun bonded non-woven, food, fruit, medical, roof, house or agriculture covering, vegetable packs, technical textiles, fabrics, laminate with base weights from 20 g/m2 to up to 150 g/m2, up to 20 g/m2 LPDE coating films, are perforated electro statically nano, micro, or by laser with micro or macro cluster holes for wide range of application purposes. Pores are normally statistical irregularly distributed from 50 nano up to 80 microns diameter and analogically, under LASER or micro macro PERFORATION, arranged in diameter sizes from 60 up 200 microns. For the human eye invisible electrostatic perforations in areas as well as in zones with specific distances within it web. Controlled pore sizes from 50 nm to 80 micron diameters up to 16 million pores per second and 0.1 up to 3 mill Joule.


One of the foremost postulation which can be applied to many application purposes and products containing bonded fabrics, bag or packaging papers, non-woven, etc. with gas or steam permeability but water in-permeability will be found at the application stage of the electrostatic nano micro cluster perforation. Which means pore sizes from 50 nano up to 10 or 80 microns diameter by up to 5 million per m2. This is due to the water’s greater surface tension which hampers the permeation through the relatively small nano or micro pores. These and other physical advantages of the relatively small pores necessarily demand the application of the cluster perforation method because alternative perforation or processes are NOT feasible, too expensive or simply uneconomical and would not lead.


Arrangements of zones are usually carried out in width from 2 to 6 mm and pores density of 15 up to 250 pores per cm2 whereas the perforation of areas results in pore densities of up to 5 million pores per m2. Electro static perforations allow porosity levels from 80 to 2500 Coresta Units (ml/min/2cm2, 1000Pa) web widths from 100 to 2000 mm at web speeds of up to 500 m/min, depending on porosity and material consistency in relation to its ability to perforate. Electrostatic NANO MICRO PERFORATION, based at micro discharging and sparking, Bluemlein and Plasma Tunnel effects with gas atomic ionization in Nanosecond time windows. By laser (mechanical hot or micro needle) with micro or macro holes for wide range of application purposes.

Markt & Umfeld

electrostatic nano micro cluster perforation for cigarette, tipping, filter, packaging, plug-wrap, craft, fine and other paper, certain plastic films, laminates, coating products, porosity from 80-2500 C.U., hole sizes from 50 nm up to 80 microns, hole densities from 80-260 h/cm2, zone widths from 2.0-6.0 mm, up to 16,000,000 holes per Second, web speeds up to 500 m/min, web widths up to 2000 mm, up to 54 perforation channels, jumbo roll-by-roll production up 25,000 meters, high level automation, OPSS-1 porosity vision scanning position control, close-loop feedback system, annual production output up to 4000 tons.


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