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Kitbags – a simpleand smart carrying solution for liquid construction material guns

  • Eingestellt 28.10.2019
  • Stand Prototyp, Beschreibung/Zeichnung
  • Schutzart Gebrauchsmuster angemeldet
  • Gesucht Lizenznehmer, Patentkäufer
  • Länder Deutschland, EU


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There are numerous equipment pouches available on the market that can be used for different purposes. Unlike other products, Kitbags is more than just a pouch – it is a solution, made especially for liquid construction material guns:
• Unique shape – due to tapered bottom, the tip of the gun doesn’t touch it, leaving enough space for the liquid material to drip off on the bottom instead of the ground.
• Adaptability – Kitbags can be adapted to almost any size and shape to fit liquid guns in use.


Construction sites, high-rise projects, home renovation or exhibition stand installation – all these scenarios contain one major problem: where to keep all your work tools?
Where to keep silicon, foam, sealant and other liquid construction material guns is a problem encountered even more often. Ideally, they should be kept in conditions that seem unattainable – easy to reach, kept from dripping, drying out or contaminating the site. And of course, it is preferred to have freedom of movement on the construction site, tools shouldn’t occupy your hands or impede walking.
All these problems can now be solved with Kitbags – specialized pouches for liquid material guns and other tools. Their unique design allows an easy access to the needed tools without sacrificing the maneuverability.


Kitbags helps with all these issues:
• Freedom of movement – due to the tapered bottom of the pouch, the gun is held firmly in place. This way, the gun doesn’t move and therefore doesn’t interfere with work and movement even in the most difficult construction conditions.
• Convenient portability – a noose made of strong fabric with Velcro clasp is easy to attach to the belt without taking it off. This type of noose is universal in its use: it can be attached to an iron hook, any type of railing on the wall or other convenient location.
• Strong materials – Kitbags is made from PVC and other similar type materials, which reduce the exposure of the gun to the air. This way, the gun doesn’t dry up or cause contamination of the working site.

Markt & Umfeld

• Kitbags was created based on 18 years of experience in industrial climbing and construction business. During the long years in this sector, we learned that even the simplest solutions can effectively ease the everyday routine, save time and speed up working process.
• Kitbags is registered as Useful Model in German Patent and Trademark Bureau in Munich. This proves that Kitbags has been recognized as adhering to the high German standards of quality.
• Kitbags design has also been successfully registered in EUIPO – European Union Intellectual Property Office – which gives its IP protection all over the European Union.


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