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Laser Micro Marking Perforating Treatment

  • Eingestellt 20.02.2009
  • Stand Kleinserie, Marktreif
  • Schutzart Patent angemeldet
  • Gesucht Produzent, Lizenznehmer, Vertrieb, Beteiligungskapital, Patentkäufer, Gründungspartner
  • Länder Deutschland


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Micro Laser Line perforation MLL-1 for web or sheet materials as like any kind of paper, metal, isolation, plastic, leather, etc. materials enables now large degrees and freedom of hole positioning by different perforation designs of wave, zigzag, cryptograms, etc. lines or other designs which generating e.g. optimized air distribution characteristics in cigarette filters or other additional product advantages. The special remarks of MLL-1 create fundamentally new product properties, e.g. as final products for mouthpieces with tipping paper at cigarette filters or other products of this kind which completely specific a indicated brand name and is recognizable for everyone, if the holes are visible or to see with magnified glasses.
Just as like a perforation cryptogram. The MLL-1 micro laser line process allows many NEW applications with certain laser beam diverts in horizontal or vertical positions. Using of new beam diverts elements allows low budgets at existent production machine


As known OFFLINE laser perforation machines or processes generating strait holes lines in web direction of the running tipping or other material sheets. Excluding spray laser designs which looks similar as random holes into certain zone areas as electro static perforation. The world-wide new and patent pending DE102004012081 Micro Laser Line technology generating SINUS, WAVES, ZIGZAG, CRYPTOGRAMS, LOGO, HOLOGRAMS, BRAND SIGNS or other kind of perforation hole lines in web direction which looks as a package design of micro laser lines. Concerned tipping paper it means NON COAXIAL around the cigarette filter. New beam divert moving, scanning, flipping elements steering each single laser perforation line in across direction which are precise focused for small holes at material or webs.


Technologically this is performed by means of Piezo oscillators, ultra fast mini scanner etc. for laser beam deflections, as actuators with added metal optics or asymmetrically, rotary reflection cones, whose function and temporal operational sequences are coupled with the path speed of web material. The points of envelope curves of the selected perforation form are calculated and computed before for the single holes and holes groups implemented and supervised during current perforation procedure by programmable control system PLC. Real alternative for galvanometer scanner, cluster micro technology for hole pattern, perforation design, waves, zigzag or packages lines, cryptograms, company logos, holograms, anti counterfeiting, security paper, safety, bank note, metal sticker, printing.

Markt & Umfeld

The conception of high power twin laser beam multiplexers enable many possibilities in other industry application fields as cutting, cut offs, welding, surface finishing, drilling, polishing, forming, surface treatment, roughness improvement. Each of the 200 single perforation head can be positioned in X directions across the running web or other laser treated material sheet, substrates, blocks etc. marking, logos, scripts, security paper, cryptograms, cutting, welding, drilling, melding, ablation, hardening, process, gold, silver, stainless, steel, glass, ceramic, chip carrier, photovoltaic, solar panel, brass, copper, aluminum. Mass product treatment, ventilation, breathable, penetration, air, oxygen, gas, jet stream, fluid, liquid, vapor, waterproof, product property, medical, bio

  • micro laser line perforation

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